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Welcome to the Edinburgh local section of EuroScience

As a part of the EuroScience sphere the Edinburgh local section provides a fantastic link to Europe’s large scientific community. Our team organises a wide range of activities and meetings to enjoy both Europe’s and Edinburgh’s local science and research.

Whether you are an established scientist, researcher or just have a passion for science and it’s fascinating world we would love to meet you and welcome you as a member to the section.

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Inventiveness is critical for Science, but can it be taught? Andrei Seryi thinks there may well be an effective tool to do exactly that. For more information read the recent EuroScientist article: Can Inventiveness in Science be taught?. Art is such an important element in innovative Science, and using the tools available to foster those skills will no doubt […]


Have you ever thought about adding some creativity to science? Read this article in the EuroScientist by a designer and architect, Noa Haim, who wants to open the world of design to everybody. Everyone can do it! http://www.euroscientist.com/noa-haim-everyone-can-play-designer/


How is 21st century technology changing science? How transparent should science be? Check out the latest article by EuroScientist for more food for thought on this issue.  Photo Credit: Vector Hugo  

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We are excited to announce our next local section EuroScience event here in Edinburgh! Come to see Dr. Raphaela Kitson-Pantano (Vice President of EuroScience) talk on “Voice your Researcher’s Viewpoint on a European Level” at the University of Edinburgh. Raphaela has many years of experience working at EuroScience and as such has helped form the […]

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The objectives of the Edinburgh local section of EuroScience are to:

  • Be the representative body of the wider EuroScience organisation in Scotland
  • Provide opportunities and activities for all individuals interested in science and technology and directly engage them by addressing vital scientific discussions for common interest and promoting the aims of EuroScience
  • Raise awareness of research and science related issues in Scotland through direct provision of scientific education
  • Promote advanced experience of European countries in science and education to support the development of these spheres in Scotland
  • Directly support EuroScience’s activities through fundraising
  • Work with and support EuroScience to achieve the organisation’s mission, goals and projects

The section will pursue its objectives through the organisation of:

  • Meetings, lectures and discussions
  • Media events
  • Interactions with scientific institutions and authorities
  • Public awareness activities
  • All other legal means that are deemed useful

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